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Students are accepted for enrolment at Western Australian schools if they live within the school’s local intake area.

Am I Eligible to Enrol?

General information for parents regarding how public schools prioritise and manage student enrolments is available through the Department of Education’s website Enrolling in School section.

Applications for Kindy and Pre-Primary
pencer Park Primary School is situated in the picturesque city of Albany approximately 400km south of the Perth Metropolitan area. Our school has a proud history celebrating 50 years in 2009. Our motto “Always Strive” epitomises the approach of staff and students.
We are the best school in WA. We are the best school in Albany WA. We are the best school in Spencer Park. We are the best primary school in WA. We are the best primary school in Albany. We are the best primary school in Albany WA. We are the best primary school in Spencer Park.We are the best primary school in Spencer Park WA. We are the best primary school in Spencer Park Albany WA.
Why are we the best primary school in Albany WA? Why are we the best school in Albany? We are a dynamic learning community working together to help students succeed and become responsible citizens. We always strive to provide a safe school environment that is respectful, positive, inclusive and welcoming.  
We are the only primary school in Spencer Park WA. We are the best school in Albany, the best school in Spencer Park, the best school in Western Australia and the best school in WA because we are the Best in the West!
Application to Enrol

Ready to enrol? To complete your child’s enrolment you will need to fill out an enrolment form and forward it to us along with a copy of your child's full birth certificate and record of immunisation. You can do this by email (see our contacts page) or by coming along to our office; our friendly staff are available to help you from 8.00am through to 4.00pm.

Spencer Park Primary School is situated in the picturesque city of Albany approximately 400km south of the Perth Metropolitan area. Our school has a proud history celebrating 50 years in 2009. Our motto “Always Strive” epitomises the approach of staff and students

Welcome to Spencer Park Primary School

Happy engaged students and quality teaching programs are two key elements that your child will experience when they attend Spencer Park Primary School. As a dynamic Independent Public School we provide all students with a quality education program within a safe and caring environment. Opened in 1959, the school has grown to share a site with Spencer Park Education Support Centre, which provides wonderful integration opportunities for our students and a working environment that is collaborative and harmonious.

Our school caters for Kindy to Year 6 students on site and an Aboriginal Kindergarten off-site. All classes utilise interactive whiteboards and provide student access to computer and tablet technologies.

Spencer Park students are provided with every opportunity to develop life skills which will enable them to cope with the changing world. It is our belief that personal, cognitive and social development can be achieved through high standards of discipline, courtesy, good manners and behaviour, and pride in achievement.

To experience the school atmosphere and to appreciate the teaching programmes in place, why not visit our school. There is always an open invitation to all prospective parents and children to visit.

We look forward to meeting you and are confident that you will be encouraged by the wonderful primary educational opportunities and experiences that await your child at Spencer Park Primary School.

For more information, read our Spencer Park Primary School and Spencer Park Primary School Early Childhood Centre brochures or visit our Facebook page @SpencerParkPS.

Staff and Curriculum

At Spencer Park Primary School we have a very focussed method on how we deliver our Literacy and Numeracy curriculum. Our whole school approach centres on Explicit Teaching which clearly identifies content for each year level and a structured format of delivery and rehearsal. This approach has delivered significant success in learning outcomes for all students.

Combined with our Explicit Teaching focus, our school has developed a strong collaborative teaching approach across the different phases of learning. This means that teaching staff across the same year levels share and discuss curriculum needs so that all classes experience similar curriculum delivery and coverage. An emerging outcome of our strong curriculum delivery approach and collaborative teacher planning is our cross-setting classes. These classes provide for students to move out of their home class and into another based on their level of ability in areas of literacy and numeracy.

Find out more by reading our Explicit Teaching brochure and learn about the results we have achieved since introducing this method of teaching practice.

Explicit Teaching is practiced by many schools across Australia.  More information can be found in extracts from Class Magazine and Islander Magazine.


2019 – 2021 School Business Plan

Curriculum/Pedagogy Policy and Procedures updated 2018

2019 Knowledge and Skills Year Level Targets

2018 Annual Report

2019 Parent Handbook

2019 Classroom and Staffing

Spencer Park Primary School Song

The School Board plays an important role in ensuring school resources are used efficiently, and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students.

View our current School Board.

Spencer Park Primary School provides a curriculum characterised by inclusive programs of learning that contribute and add value to each student’s cognitive, social and emotional learning and well-being and, as such, our staff are highly knowledgeable and proficient in their craft.

Collaborative planning, curriculum delivery and monitoring of student performance are purposefully structured and evident at every level within the school. Our staff are committed to the importance of professional growth and regularly participate in professional learning that is aimed at improving their curriculum knowledge and classroom practice.

Parents and families are encouraged to take an interest in the work of the school and are welcomed as partners in their child’s learning.

View our current staff structure.

Our educational program is driven by WA Curriculum and by our whole school focus of Explicit Teaching. The Explicit Teaching approach is a structured approach of revising and delivering new skills and knowledge to our students that increases the likelihood of these skills/knowledge being retained. The school has had wonderful success in student achievement using this approach.

You may find the following links useful.

As well as a rich and diverse quality teaching and learning program, students at Spencer Park Primary School have access to the following programs:

Specialist Music Year PP to 6
Specialist Science Year PP to 6
Specialist Humanities and Social Sciences (HASS) PP to 6
AUSLAN (integrated whole school language program)
Instrumental Music Year 5 & 6 Brass, Woodwind, Guitar
Interschool sport; particularly football, netball, cricket, athletics and swimming
School Chaplain
Literacy support PP to Year 6 (phonological awareness, decoding skills and sight word bank development, comprehension)
MiniLit, MultiLit and MacqLit – Literacy Remediation Programs (available to any child as required)

We offer programs to assist three year olds in their transition to school, such as the T.H.R.E.E. Pre Kindy Program and KindiLink.

We have a whole school approach to pastoral care and messages regarding bullying are consistent across all classrooms.  To learn more, view our bullying education resource and the Bullying. No Way! video that has been made available through the Bullying. No Way! website.


Spencer Park Primary School is proud to host a deadly early childhood program that offers 0 to 3-year-old and 4-year-old kids a great start to their education.

Specialising in meeting the cultural, social and learning needs of our Coolangarras, the program provides an opportunity to celebrate and explore Aboriginal culture, family and relationships while providing an exceptional literacy and numeracy program.

Family is an important part of the Coolangarras Barmah program and features daily in all aspects. Parents and elders participate in the learning program, join in celebrations and share culture with the kids.  We welcome every opportunity for parent participation at the centre.  Fathers, mothers, grandparents, uncles, aunties, friends and neighbours are welcome too.

You can learn more by reading our Coolangarras Barmah brochure or you can see for yourself how successful our program is by visiting our school; we’d love to show you around.

Student Services

At Spencer Park Primary School, we believe every child matters, every day. We have a comprehensive Student Services team who meets weekly and closely reviews the progress of learning and engagement of students who experience difficulties in engaging the learning process.

Difficulties include:

  • poor attendance
  • diagnosed disabilities
  • undiagnosed learning difficulties
  • social/emotional difficulties
  • behaviour difficulties.

On a regular basis, case managers monitor and action support objectives to ensure your child’s needs are being met. Additional to weekly reviews, case conferences are conducted at regular intervals.

For more information, read our Working with You through Case Management brochure.


A major focus for our school is to ensure that every student attends school every day that they are well. Missing days of school adds up quickly and can result in your child missing out on important learning. Regular attendance is set at 90%, which means that your child should not be missing any more than 1 day per fortnight. Please make an effort to ensure that your child comes to school each day that they are well and enforce it!

Please do not give in to the many excuses that our children provide at different times. Please contact the school if we can assist with helping your child to attend regularly. School is the EXPECTATION and staying home is the EXCEPTION.

The school is obliged to follow up on students with poor attendance and there are a range of processes and steps that the school will follow including:

  • Contacting parents/caregivers to provide satisfactory reasons for absences.
  • Home visits by Badged Attendance Officers.
  • Referral to Attendance Advisory Panels.

Read about our attendance policy and strategies in our Every Day Counts! Attendance Guidelines brochure.

Park & Walk or Ride to School

Our Park & Walk or Ride brochure provides our students and families with a clear map of the various walking and cycle routes that can be taken from local parks to Spencer Park Primary School. It also provides information to families about safe routes for students to get to school. Encourage your child to use these routes if they are walking or riding!

Term Planner
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Learning Potential

If you’re looking for tips and ideas to help you nurture your child’s potential, why not visit the Learning Potential website.

Learning Potential has hundreds of articles on all aspects of your child’s learning and development, from the early years to the end of high school, with more articles added all the time.

Parent Involvement

Our school strongly encourages and highly values the involvement of parents. There are many ways this can occur …

Spencer Park PS Parents & Citizens Association (P&C)

The P&C meets twice per term, Monday evenings at 7.15pm in the school staffroom. Fundraising is the main focus although the group also has a role in giving feedback and providing input in relation to decisions about policy and planning. P&C members have also organised busy bees to help out in a range of ways including grounds development and minor facilities improvements. A well attended regular end of year social gathering highlights the positive, cohesive and popular nature of this group.

Our current P&C office bearers are:
Erika Leak, President
Jessica Gallantino, Vice President
Fiona Mullally, Secretary
Amy Sims, Treasurer

School Board

The School Board plays an important role in ensuring school resources are used efficiently, and community expectations and the school’s priorities reflect the needs of students.

This group consisting of 4 parents and 3 staff. At the end of each year all positions are declared vacant with nominations for parent positions being called for at the AGM of the P&C. Where nominations exceed positions available a vote will be taken.

This group generally meets twice per term after school for no more than an hour. Towards the end of each year the group has a key role in reviewing school performance and developing the following year’s school plan.

View our current School Board.

Volunteer Help

There are many ways our school can use your services:

  • The school canteen relies heavily on parent volunteers.
  • An early year’s oral language program requires parent help to ensure small group activity.
  • The kindergarten and pre-primary programs arrange rosters for parent help.
  • Many classes ask parents to help out with hearing children read, excursions and camps.
Spencer Park Primary School Primary School P&C Facebook

Canteen and Lunches

The canteen is open daily between the hours of 8.15 am to 1.00pm.

Our online canteen shut of times for daily orders are 9.00 am.

We are always keen to have volunteers in our canteen if you can spare a hour or two once a week, fortnight or month.

Give us a call or drop in; you’re always welcome.

Uniforms and School Dress Code

The school expects every student to be in school uniform.

Any queries to the Uniform Shop, open Wednesday 8.45am to 9.15am in Room 6 or you can telephone/SMS:
Melissa 0400 579 397
Perdie 0408 102 585
Emily 0401 479 237

Spencer Park Primary School Primary School

26 Hardie Road, Spencer Park (Albany) WA 6330

08 6821 3000

Student absences
SMS 0437 619 154


Coolangarras Barmah Kindergarten

Mokare Road, Albany 6330

08 9841 6511

Spencer Park Primary School Official Facebook Page

Administration Contacts

Jeremy Hadlow – Principal
Carl Luscombe – Deputy Principal
Dianne Ruffell – Deputy Principal
Julie Fordham – Manager Corporate Services